Where to study for finals. For cheap.

When it comes closer to finals what seemed like everyone has taken all your favorite studying spots on campus. Though when it comes to studying outside of campus you have to spend some money. Well I’m here to tell you some places I found in the  great San Marcos. With spending less than 5 dollars.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset Dos Gatos

Here you could get the (I think) the best kolaches in town. The fruit ones (my personal favorite) for only $1.45 each. It’s a great snack and the owner puts on a great playlist. While I was sitting outside it went through Frank Sinatra to The Black Keys to Arctic Monkeys. It was overall good vibes.








Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset   Stellar Cafe

They have a huge selection of coffees and teas. With a charming atmosphere. With free wifi you could bring your laptop and write all the essays you need to write.






IMG_0363 Teapioca 

If you are a fan of asian treats and drinks. I had a Honeydew Cream drink with bubba for only $3.15. May I say that the drink was so delicious. They also have a projector tv. The only thing I might mention is that it’s not the quietest place to study just due to the orders that require the blender, but overall they have free wifi.


MR Fest 2016

MR Fest, The annual music festival set up by KTSW 89.9 the official radio station of Texas State University.

I interview Pricilla Mendoza and Emily Delgado who drove from San Antonio, and asked them about their experience at MR Fest.



Music festivals are fun toIMG_7984 go to but they cost a lot of money. The price is the hardest challenge when it comes to students. So how can you still experience the music, food and overall ambiance of such events.

My solution is volunteering.

You get some experience and most importantly you get free admission!

My friend had mentioned to me that she had gotten a position to volunteer for Fun Fun Fun Fest.

Fun Fun Fun Fest is a three day festival in Austin, Texas. The music line up consist of various genres of music from Hip Hop, Electric,Comedy and so much more.

She gave me the email address to a women who was in charge of the hiring positions. Before you know it I knew it I had a position and my friend and I were headed to Austin.

Our jobs were to use the newest company Que to scan the wristbands with an iPhone and add on that is really similar to a square credit card swipe.  We got free shirts and pizza and you guess it a free admission to the festival. You had an option of day or evening shifts

Pretty much every festival hires volunteers.

For SXSW for example, you could actually get promoted if you continue to work with them the following year. Receiving the Platinum pass that gets you into the film screenings, showcases, panels, trade show, most parties and the Sunday Softball & BBQ. An experience that people spend thousands to be able to do, but of course you have to work for it.

To me its a win-win situation.

To learn more about volunteering to music festivals click here.

KTSW Presents MR Fest!

KTSW 89.9 is the official radio station at Texas State University. That is no stranger to the music community here in San Marcos. Having events such as Lunchbox Concert Series that is help every month at the LBJ Amphitheater featuring bands from San Marcos and Austin. Also with Third Thursday is their off campus event that features bands located at some of the local venues. It’s free admission and best of all free pizza!

On April 29-30 the annual MR Fest will be upon us.

MR Fest or also known as My Radio Festival is an all student run music festival held in downtown San Marcos featuring great music and comedy performances. It is also FREE! If you were bummed out that you couldn’t go to SXSW during spring break? Don’t you worry because MR Fest is our very own SXSW. The event will be divided within each genre in different venues all around The Square. For example Valentino’s  pizza is specifically hip-hop, Kiva is Punk Rock, The Hitch is Folk music.

This year we will be having bands from Austin, San Marcos and even Seattle with our headliners La Luz. An all girl soft rock band that was founded by there guitarist. They are to come and be our last performance of the festival.

In preparation the social media and promotions team have been working on spreading the word on MR Fest believe it or not; not that many students know about it. Most that ask automatically think that you need to pay so I think the biggest goal for both teams is to get people informed.

One thing that is helping with that is Otis. Otis is the official symbol of MR Fest and  recently received a life size cut out of him. Ever sense then there has been non-stop questions to what he is. After explaining the majority seem excited with the event.

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Here are some previous shows that KTSW has put on Third Thursday. Just to give yourself a little taste on what’s to come April 29-30,2016.

For more information click here.

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Starbucks at home.

With caffeine being the essential for sleep deprived students the cost of your Starbucks drinks can accumulate in price overtime. So to save a some bucks in that pocket here are some recipes that you could make at home.

Believe it or not a lot of Starbucks famous beverages are actually really easy to make. All you need to do is figure out what you need to buy.

No need to deal with long lines and misspelled names anymore.

The expresso: I used a Italian expresso maker but you could use whatever you have. The way you use the maker I have is by putting water at the bottom with the grounded expresso. There is a filter within the contraption and with the pressure it creates with the water on the bottom the coffee brews its way to the top. I really like it, it is easy to use and takes up very little space. I highly recommend it. I got it at JC Penny’s for like $25; very reasonable, and it could last you a long time.

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Since summer is right around the corner here are some cold refreshing drinks (that I made slight modifications) to keep you energetic around campus.




Carmel Machiatto 
2 shots of expresso

1 cup of milk

Carmel flavored sweetener syrup



Combine milk and syrup. Place ice. Pour expresso on top.





Nutella Banana Mocha Frapp. Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
1 cup of milk

1 banana

1 tsp of Nutella

1 shot of expresso

1/2 cup of ice

whipped cream (optional)

Blend and enjoy!




Unknown-4Passionfruit Tea Lemonade 

1 bag Tazos passionfruit tea

Crystal Light Lemonade



Brew tea. Make Crystal Light. Combine both till desired taste. Shake with ice. Enjoy.


If you want to adventure out and be your own barista click here.





Clothes Encounters is a YouTube blog run by Jenn Im . She is from California and started a YouTube channel in college! I cannot imagine the dedication she put into her channel during college! I have enough struggle planning when I am going to eat in a day. From there she continues to make videos and was able to make YouTube her job. I’ve been a fan of her for years and it’s crazy to see how much she has grown. When I had first subscribed to her channel she had just a couple hundred thousand followers and now she has over a million!

Ever sense I discovered her I have watched all of her videos and look forward to every new one.

Most of her earlier videos would be Goodwill hauls and overall thrifting challenges.Everything I know about thrift shopping I learned by watching her videos. Her videos now after she has graduated from college her wardrobe has evolved and she doesn’t really have any thrifting videos anymore. Which I don’t have a problem with because I’m still inspired with anything she wears and every video she puts out. Her style has not changed but just in the sense it’s with more retailed items.


I love her style, the way she isn’t afraid to share what she likes to wear no matter how bizarre it may seem to some people, she makes it work. I swear you could give this woman a trash bag and she could make it look chic.


That mentality inspired me so much. If I felt comfortable with what I was wearing it didn’t matter what other people thought. I feel so elaborated when I wear something I feel good in especially for when I’m in school. If I look good I feel like I have a overall good day. So if I feel like wearing my wedge boots or sparkled gown on campus I will!


What I also really respect was her individuality to what she wore and the time she put into her videos. The music and the videography is so unique and she truly knows how to make her content her own. Something I also realized that made me appreciate her channel is with her Haul videos. For those who don’t know what a “haul” is, it is basically a video where people show the clothes they bought usually them showing them to the camera directly. What made her videos different were when she showed the item of clothing she purchased, she actually made a whole outfit and featured it in her verbal description. She actually considered to take the extra time to film the short b-roll. Though now a days the YouTube community have created the “try-on haul” which is basically what she has been doing. I personally appreciate effort and there might have been others out there who have done the same before the trend, but Jenn is just the first person I ever saw do that.

She is also very active on all her social media. Replying back to comments on her videos, retweeting, and constantly blessing us with Outfit of the Day photos on Instagram. It is really nice to think that with someone who has over a million people viewing her content she still makes time to interact with as many as she can.

I love her “What Would Jenn Wear” segment. It is where she asks followers to send their fashion dilemmas and she would answer what she would wear. By asking them on twitter by using the hashtag #WWJW. From there she makes a video displaying the outfits she has created for the person who asked.

Became a fan? Follow her on Instagram or Twitter @imjennim and subscribe to her channel on YouTube.